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Ultra Light Flight In Nepal


Ultra Light Airplane is a small light weight airplane with an locomotive. Once open in to the air, this airplane, in the right circumstances can button off its locomotive & move smoothly throughout the air approximately like a hanglider. Flying with us you get to fly like a bird above the clouds. Ultra Light can flight around Pokhara valley elevation of flight 5000 meter flying 300 km at a enlarge. Throughout an Ultra light journey, you can have the knowledge of free flight devoid of the hazard or risk associate with absolute of Ultra Light journey. Cockpit can be moreover enclosed or open depend on the airplane.You have the engine to help in landing and impression & should weather circumstances modify.

The early days, the rank of this airplane used to be poor due to delicate and unbalanced plan. Insurance policy conforms to the rules for the Passenger, Aircraft, Pilot and the third parties, which means we are indemnify just as other familial flights. You can see snow white Mountain peaks of the Himalayas with the green hills & plains elongate out below you, fly over the city streets of Pokhara and its most famous lake, Fewa Lake. Gets its name for its light weight frame and was initially planned to be an inexpensive way for the bodywork air sport recreation to get air stand. Distinctive plans include a ballistic parachute structure, which facilitate the airplane to land securely throughout emergency. Most advantageous views of the Pokhara Valley and the wonderful mountains because there are no windowpane in your way.

Ultra flight journey are personal because it is just you, the pilot and sky. Presently we offer profitable flights on an Ultra Light in all of Asia. Operation is monitoring by Civil Aviation authority by government of Nepal, which check pilot skill and situation of the airplane. Activate thrilling flights from the city of Pokhara the magnificently comforting place which is the contiguous spot Nepal has alternative. So you can sit back in console and take pleasure in your jiffy in the clouds and of course, your pilot is full qualified and register to make sure your flight journey is secure & pleasurable. Yeti Mountaineering & Trekking offer Ultralight flight with beautiful Ghorapani Trekking or Annapurna Base Camp Trekking it is memorable for your holiday in Nepal.

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