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Tour Highlights of Lhasa


Lhasa, a city of wonders, is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The Tibet Autonomous Region is known worldwide as the Roof of the world for its average elevation of 4,000 meters above sea level. Tibet is charming, with its beautiful landscape, brilliant culture, and mysterious folklore. "Lhasa" means "sacred place" in local dialect. It has abundant sunshine, hence its reputation as the Solar City. It is a center of politics, economy, transport, and religious activities. There are many places of interest in Lhasa, such as the Potala Palace & the Jokhang Monastery.

Potala Palace: Lhasa's cardinal landmark Potala Palace, a structure of massive portions. Its towering image already appearing on various occasions, but your first sight of the Potala will still be an awe-inspiring moment. In 641, upon marrying Princess Wencheng, Songtsen Gampo decided to build a grand palace to accommodate her and to serve as a memorial to this important event. The original palace was destroyed by lightening and war during Landama's reign. In seventeenth century under the reign of the Fifth Dalai Lama, Potala was rebuilt. The Thirteenth Dalai Lama extended it to its present size. Jokhang Temple, built in 647A.D and located in the centre of old town of Lhasa  is one of the earliest constructions in Tibet, its roof is covered in gold, making much of a sight. Through several renovations it expanded into quite a large group of buildings and now covers an area of over 25,000 sq meters. The walls along lobbies and inner temples are covered with legendary frescoes. Jokhang Temple is the most revered religious structure in Tibet.

Bargor Street: Bargor Street, a flourishing street around Jokhang Temple, is the oldest street in a very traditional city. Along the street are stores and groceries selling light industry products and handicrafts made by locals or imported from Nepal. Today, 50,000 tourists and businessmen pour into this thoroughfare every day. It is also the main route for prayer wheels rotating. Drepung Monastery: Drepung Monastery, the largest and richest monastery in Tibet, founded in 1416 by a disciple of Tsong Khapa under the patronage of a noble family and later enlarged by the Fifth Dalai Lama. At its peak, it had a registration of more than 10,000 monks. Walking up to the hill is a pleasant thing, an easy break from the solemn ambience inside the halls and chapels. At the flat roof of the hill, you have very good views of the whole of Lhasa city and the distant mountains. Sera Temple, Gandan Temple, Norbulingka Park, Tibet Museum.


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