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Treking Equipments


For your kind information, you have to bring the following
 equipments with you for the trekking:
1) woollen cap-1
2) woollen socks-4 pairs
3) nylon socks-4 pairs
4) woollen gloves-2 pairs
5) woollen shirts- 2 pieces
6) woollen trousers-2 pairs
7) day pack bag-1
8) single boots-1, trekking boots-1 pair
9)  snow googles-1
10) T-shirts-4 pieces
11)raincoat and umbrella
12) running shoes-1 pair
13) reading and writing materials
14) water bottel-1
15) large duffel bag to pack your gears
16) sweaters woolen and mixed-1
17) first -aid box
18) flash or torch light
19) wind-proof jacket and trousers
20) down jacket, sleeping bags and trousers
21) all the rest personal things(towel, tooth-brush, soap, etc.)