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River Rafting In Nepal

Nepal is dream destination of rafting and kayaking experts. White water rafting in Nepal is often by River Runner's Paradise. 

Itinerary and Departure date for Autumn Season

1. Trisuli River(1 TO 3 Days)  "Most popular River Rafting trip"
Best Season:-  All season       
Cost:- US$25.00 per person per day (group joining basic)
Departure Date:- EVERY DAY

2. Seti River ( 2 Days ) "Nepal's warmest River"
Cost: - US$60.00 per person for 2days (group joining basic)
Departure Date:-Every Monday & Friday

3. Bhotekoshi River  (1 To 2 Days )  Short & Sweet  Adventure
River Difficulty:- 4- 5-  Cost:- US$ 70.00 per person for two days(group Joining).
Departure Date:- Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

4. KaliGandaki River( 3 Days)  "3 day Classic wilderness Journey"  
River Difficulty:- 3- 4     
Cost:- US$130.00 per person/Per day(group joining basic)
Departure Date:- Oct  15, 20, 24, 28  Nov 1,5, 8, 12, 16 ,21, 24,28

5. Sunkoshi River ( 7 Night 8 Days )  "The River of Gold"
River difficulty:- 4-5    
Cost:- US$ 350.00  per person (group joining basic).
Departure Date:- Sep.12th, 21st , 30th , Oct. 1st , 9th, 17th , 25th, Nov. 4th , 14th ,24th

6. Karnali River ( 10 Days )  "Wild west classic "
River Grade: 3 – 5   
Cost: US$ 450.00 per person (group joining basic)
Departure Date:- Oct  1st 10th 15th 20th 31st Nov. 9th 20th 25th

7.  Fishing Trip: -
 UNITED RIVER offers fishing trips on Karnali river, Babai River & Bheri River of Nepal. 

8. Kayak Clinic: - We offer whitewater kayak adventures for paddlers of all level from beginner to expert. We offer 4days Kayak clinic course.
Cost:- US$200.00 per person.
Departure Date:- Every day

9. Canyoning Trip:-  We offer thrilling adventure of canyoning  trip too. Canyoning is available in kakani, Bhotekoshi, Kavre, Trisuli, Sunkoshi, Marsyandi etc. 

For More details, please feel free to contact us for further information and our immediate response. 


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Rafting In Nepal

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