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Mustang Treks

Grade C
The northern part of Mustang district is traditionally known as Lo Manthang. This kingdom was founded in late 14th century by a Tibetan general Ame Pal. In its hey-day, the kingdom had matrimonial relations with the kingdom of Ladakh in western Tibet. Later, Mustang was overtaken by Jumla and in the late 18th century by Gorkha. The king of Mustang was, however, allowed some local autonomy. Mustang used to be a prosperous place as a trade route between Tibet and India. Its past wealth is attested by elaborate gompas and numerous forts. Another interesting aspect of the area is the existence of many cave dwellings of pre-historic time yet to be explored. The most impressive aspect of Mustang is the landscape: deep canyons, colorful cliffs, expanse of desert plain surrounded by mountains.

Jomsom airport (2,710 m) is the gateway to Mustang. The first day is along the flat flood plain of Kali-Gandaki river. Kagbeni (3,222 m) used to be a fortress town until the 17th century. Few hours climb to the east is Muktinath (3,749 m) with springs and shrines sacred to Hindus and Buddhists. Chuksang village (2,920 m) has a complex of ancient caves nearby. The second day starts with a climb to Chele (2,921 m) after crossing west of the Kali-Gandaki. Ghiling village is reached after crossing a pass of 3,850 metres. The next important stop is at Charang (3,572 m) via Ghami village (3,506 m). Charang has an old castle and gompa. The walled city of Lo Manthang (3,798 m) is easily reached in a day from Charang. The city has many sacred shrines, the most prominent being Jampa Lakhang and Tupche Lakhang. The palace of the king stands tall over all above the walled city. The highway to Tibet across Kore La (4,608 m) is about four hours ride from the city. The return journey can be interesting by a more easterly route. This passes through Dhih (3,353 m) and Tange village (3,305 m) east of Kali-Gandaki river. The high road between Tange and Chhukasang provides a vast panorama of the upper Mustang.


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