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Kanchengungha Treks

Grade B
anchanjuga Himal lies in the extreme north-west of Nepal, bordering on Sikkim and Tibet. The range includes Kanchanjunga-I (8,598 m) and other 20 peaks exceeding a height of 7,000 metres. They give rise to number of glaciers that give access to close view of the mountains. Another interesting aspect of Kanchanjunga trek is the profusion of vegetation, particulary rhododendrons and orchids, since East Nepal receives a heavy rainfall. The inhabitants are mostly from the limbu tribe. In the lower hills are found Hindu caste people while those in the higher valleys are entirely Bhotia.

There are two trek destinations to the Kanchanjunga area: one to Yalung Glacier and another to Kanchnjunga Glacier. Both involve about 25 days journey and the starting-point is Basantapur, north of Hile. The fair-weather road from Hile to Basantapur provides good views of Makalu range to the north-west. From Basantapur, the track turns north along forested ridge to Dobhan that takes three days. The route to Kanchanjunga Glacier continues north of Dobhan along the Tamur Valley. The main stopping places are Thuma, Thiwa, Helok, Amjilasa, Kyapra (2,779 m), Ghunsa (3,475 m), Kangbachen (4,130 m), Lhonak (4,789 m) and Pangpema (5,150 m). Between Kyapre to Kangbachen, the track is between the peaks of Sharphu (6,236 m) to the west and dominating Jannu (7,710 m) to the east. Beyond Kangbachen, the valley opens out with impressive peaks all around. North of Helok is Sekathum (1,650 m) that provides a side trip to Walungchung (3,200 m) a Bhotia trading village of much importance in the past.

The trek route to Yalung Glacier starts at Taplejung town, half a day's journey east of Dobhan. The route turns north-east towards Kaberi Valley and northwards to Ramite pass (3,430 m). The pass provides a close-up view of the south face of Jannu. Taplejung to Ramite pass is about five days walk. In another three days, Yalung Glacier is reached via Tseram. From the Glacier, the entire south aspect of the main Kanchanjunga is visible. There is a high route from Ramje (4,560 m) on Yalung Glacier to Helok to the west across Lapsang La (5,180 m) that provides good mountain views. Helok to Dobhan is three days down the Tamur Valley.