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Why Us?

Organized all your holiday
We are the company who organized all your holiday activities so it is much easier for you. We organized whole holiday packages such as  Mountaineering, Peak climbing , Trekking, Hiking, Nepal package Tours, Tibet tour, Jungle Safari, Sightseeing, Hotel reservation, Air ticketing, Land transportation, White water rafting, Everest flight, Bungee jumping, Paragliding, Mountain biking and many more.

Selected Guide
Our company has expert guides in difference field who has been long working experience. They are trained, knowledgeable, intelligence and experience.

Competitive or Reliable Price
Our company is providing you quality services in competitive or reliable price. Many travelers have been coming in Nepal and they spend different way for their holiday. We offer a trip according to you such as Budget, Standard and Deluxe.

Flexible Program
We provide you rough program details but the program can be change according your time schedule. Difference people have difference interest. The program can be changed according your desire. The group size is not limited. Any kind of group such as individual, family group, big group, student group and organizational can do trip with us.

Individual or Private Trip
We know very well that people are very tired with their regular work then they take holiday for their refreshment. We offer them according to their private or individual trip which support for enjoyable holiday. Many travelers also wish that, when they are married, they wanted to visit Nepal for honey moon trip and want to do private trip or holiday.

Guarantee Service
We organize your trip for your desirable. We provide the services what we agree to do. We are always concentrated customer satisfaction. We always pay attention client’s feedback. Many tour operators in Nepal do not care about client’s feedback.

Safe Trip or Holiday
Nepal has many tour operators. They operate trip different way. We are only a company who always care about clients. As I have already mentioned, our team are well experience. We really well take care all the value adds clients for their safety and enjoyable holiday.

Total Quality Management
The customer is always right.
Meet customer’s expectations to delight him.
Promptly respond to customer enquiry or complaint.
Provide  continuous training to employees.
Make it right for the customers; right first time.
Teamwork and cooperation are more important.
Quality improvement  is everyone’s concern together with strategic commitment of top management.
Respond to employee suggestions for quality improvement without delay; ensure their involvement.
Quality can be continuously improved.
Use improve materials, latest technology and accurate measurement; learn from best practices through benchmarking.

Contribution to remote village
We contrite 5 % of net income to remote and poor people of Nepal which will be directly benefit to them. It will support to develop poor village of Nepal. Most of our guides from remote area of Nepal, it also support to grow income of remote areas people.