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Who We Are

The best way to experience the charm of Nepal is to trek, as Nepalese do, along its mountain trails. There are few roads and almost all of the country's commerce in outlying areas is carried on the backs of its people. Its pathways are its byways, literally the transportation and communication routes of the country. We are providing Trekking and Mountaineering Services since 1968 through Himalayan Society Pvt. Ltd. and we had changed our Company name into M/S Yeti Mountaineering  & Trekking Pvt. Ltd. which has been registered again in 1978 (B.S.2035). The managing partners of YETI MOUNTAINEERING AND TREKKING have been involved with Trekking and Mountaineering for more than a quarter of a century. Mr.G.S Paudel, Managing Director and Mr. Iswari Adhikari, Manager/Team Leader, have been organizing/operating Trek and Tours in Nepal/Himalayas persistently.

Previous Expeditions and Tours Organized by this Company:

1973 - Italian Everest Expedition led by Late Mr. Guido Monzino.

1975 - Japanese Woman Expedition to Mt. Everest led by Junko Tabei.

1970 - Korean expedition to Manasalu

1970 - Japanese Everest Expedition lead by Myura Ichiro

1970 - Japanese skiing expedition to Mt Everest

1992 - Swiss Cho-Yu Expedition and more than 100 expedition above 700 meters, 70 expedition above 8000 meters and 300 Peak expedition for 6000 to 6500 meter.

Although it specializes in trekking, YETI MOUNTAINEERING AND TREKKING also offers guided trips to jungle camps, travel programmes to Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim and Darjeeling and River Rafting Expeditions, Trekking and sightseeing tours in all over Nepal, Tibet/Lhasa, Bhutan and India, Sikkim/Darjeling. Special programs can be tailored to individual or group wishes.